What I loved was the diversity of ideas explored and the diversity and number of actors involved. - Susan Allen.

The inspiraTO Playwriting Contest is now open! See your story on stage. Canada's largest ten-minute play festival is looking for imaginative and interesting ten-minute plays for its 13th season. Full details here

This season's theme: All about her.           


Theatre inspiraTO, the producers of the inspiraTO Festival, Canada's largest ten-minute play festival, is entering its 13th year. Each season, playwrights from around the globe are asked to submit a ten-minute play based on a theme. 24 ten-minute plays are selected. The inspiraTO Festival is held in Toronto in early June and provides over 100 theatre artists an opportunity to participate, network, learn and grow their craft.

Take the workshop: The Art and Craft of Writing a Ten-minute Play (Sept. 14). Details here.

Be part of The Director's Toolbox Program: Direct a play and learn the craft of theatre directing.                  Deadline to apply: November 1. Details here.   

This year's theme is All About Her.

I had no idea that such an art form was ripe for both artist and audience members.
It is an art form whose time has come.
— Ydessa Hendeles