THEATRE DIRECTORS: Do you really know how to work with actors? Do you know if you're developing bad habits?

Whether you're a novice or emerging director, having more tools and gaining a deeper understanding in the craft of theatre directing will better equip you in leading a cast. Surprisingly, many directors are not prepared enough -- simply because there aren't that many training opportunities for them. Theatre InspiraTO's Directing Academy wants to fill that gap.


Working with people is hard. A director is supposed to be a leader. Learning how to best communicate your ideas to other members of a creating process is a valuable leadership skill. Theatre InspiraTO's Directing Academy allows emerging and experienced directors to delve deep into the intricacies of the directing process and stage a 10-minute play at the InspiraTO Festival, Canada's largest 10-minute play festival.
-Andreja Kovac (InspiraTO Directing Academy Lead Coach) -- Andreja's bio here.

The future needs your voice, your passion, your art.

There are very few safe environments that foster play, exploration, creating and finally presenting our stories. It is our strongest desire that Theatre InspiraTO's Directing Academy act as a nurturing haven for you to grow as an artist.

The program is not just theoretical lecturing on directing. We take a hands- on and creative approach - one where you experience the full process of creation - with many touch points in learning - from inception of the idea to performance.

We challenge you to do your best work. We provide all the resources in accessing theatre professionals, and seeing your work come alive on stage. Directing a quality ten-minute play requires work. The same principles apply in directing a compelling ten-minute play as they do in directing a full length play; from analyzing the play, envisioning a concept, working with actors, designers and technical crew, to finally hear the audience applause and talk about your work in the lobby.

The time frame of the program is held over a five and a half months period, allowing you to do a deep dive in the art of directing.

The Director's Role: You are the obstetrician. You are not the parent of this child we call the play. You are present at its birth for clinical reasons, like a doctor or midwife. Your job most of the time is simply to do no harm. When something does go wrong however, your awareness that something is awry - and your clinical intervention to correct it - can determine whether the child will thrive or suffer, live or die.

-Frank Hauser (British Stage Director)

Movies will make you famous; television will make you rich; but theatre will make you good.
-Terrence Mann (Broadway actor and director)

If you were born with the ability to change someone's perspective or emotions, never waste that gift. It is one of the most powerful gifts God can give - the ability to influence.
-Shannon L. Adler (author)

There are very few opportunities to learn the craft of theatre directing. Many theatre directors aren't even aware of poor habits they have developed or how to correct them. 

We are thrilled to introduce our inaugural Theatre InspiraTO Directing Academy: A comprehensive space in training theatre directors which includes directing a play that is staged at Canada's largest ten-minute play festival, the InspiraTO Festival. 

The fully integrated directors' progam will be led by Andreja Kovac (a professional theatre director with over 40 productions in Europe and Canada and a graduate of the National Theatre School).

Theatre inspiraTO: A solution for educating playwrights and theatre creators
The nature of creating and producing a ten-minute play allows for a much more economical method and viable approach to learning about drama creation. The same principles apply in directing a compelling ten-minute play as they do in directing a full length play; from communicating your ideas to designers to leading actors. Directing a quality ten-minute play takes work. In the process, theatre artists gain valuable experience in a format that helps drive their creativity.

10 Reasons to take part in the Directing Academy:

1. A theatre play is not primarily a literary activity but a dramatic interaction between actors and audiences. Both playwrights and directors need a venue to fully explore how their work unfolds on stage.

2. The Academy has created an environment which has many touch points: from weekly workshops, encounters with guest artists, observing professional approach in action to receiving feedback and seeing audiences respond to your work.

3. The aim of the Academy is to focus on the process not the outcome. Paradoxically, this unburdens the need to prove oneself and the work is usually richer and genuine.

4. By directing a play with the support of design and technical possibilities InspiraTO Festival offers, you are inspired to reach for the "fire in your belly".

5. Weekly workshops support your work and allow you to get answers and assistance from seasoned professionals immediately in order to better prepare you for the judgment of the audience.

6. The length of the program, five months and a half, is long enough to allow a deep dive into the art of directing. This way you won't just do justice to your ten-minute play, you will also emerge a better director for any coming project armed with resources on how to tackle them.

7. The nature of a ten-minute play allows you to take risks more readily. Developing a full length play can be a daunting endeavour with huge production costs. InspiraTO offers you the platform to learn end experience directing in an environment where a lot of the usual emerging directors tasks are well supported.

8. Ten-minute plays can evolve further into full length plays. We have had past playwrights from our festivals have their plays expanded to full length plays and staged at various fringe festivals. Some have received grants to develop their plays. As a director InspiraTO offers you a way to get directing credits and establish relationships that may lead to potential full length play directing projects.

9. The reality of getting accepted into a full directing program can be limited to a few members and can pose a serious financial burden. We are committed to providing a program that is accessible and unlike anything that is currently available in Canada.

10. Sharing your experiences with other peers can be rewarding with potential for future collaborations.