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The 13th Annual InspiraTO Festival, Toronto, June 7 - June 16, 2018.

Request to direct a ten-minute play. Deadline to submit: Jan. 26, 2018.
This is a non paying, non-union event.

NOTICE TO ACTORS: Auditions and details on how to audition will be posted in February. Auditions are held in March (over 50 roles). This is a non paying, non-union event.

16 directors have already been selected. Another 8 plays still require directors. This is what you need to do if you'd like to direct a ten-minute play for Canada's largest ten-minute play festival:
Step 1. Read a play (scroll down to PLAYS: download and read it). Note: only plays with "DIRECTOR REQUIRED" are open to direct.  
Step 2. Decide which play(s) you'd like to direct. Put them in order of preference. If selected you will only direct one play.

Step 3. Email: In the subject line write: Direct A Play. Answer the following questions:
General information (please answer all questions)
- Write your name, phone number and email address
- Your experience/training/background in directing/performance arts (you may attach a resume if you wish)
- Your availability (times during the week you are available for auditions and rehearsals)
AND For each play you would like to direct
1) State the name of the play
2) What interests you about the play
3) Your approach to directing

Deadline to submit your request: Jan. 26, 2018. 
*Please note we may fill each director position sooner so get your requests in early. The plays will indicate if the director position has been filled. 

Quick schedule overview:
- There will be a director's meeting in February.
- Auditions are March. You will be given two 40 minute slots.
- Rehearsals will be held in mid April/May - flexible schedule.
- Tech runs are in early June. Performances: June 7 - 16 (Alumnae Theatre)
- This is a non paying, non-union event.

TO READ A PLAY SCROLL BELOW (24 ten-minute plays) 




NOTE: The plays are posted for the purpose of selecting directors and actors. Any use of a play, either in whole or in part, must have the expressed permission of the playwright.

All plays will be performed at the Alumnae Theatre in Toronto on the Mainstage (with a full lighting plot and projections) or in the Studio (with some lighting plots and a large stage) or in Trinity Room (an intimate space that feels like a site specific play).  Read each play's synopsis for details.      

Rehearsals will take place in April-May. The exact schedule will be determined by each director in discussion with the actors.

Director selected.

Abigail Has An Elaborate Quarter-Life Crisis by Alex Dremann

Abigail goes on an epic lightning-fast meta journey to find some meaning in her life.  A mind-bending Millennial 'how-not-to' guide.    

Director required.

Brynlee and the Bull by Sean Patrick Nill

Wall Street will never be the same with a new feminine face. Fiesty. Playful. Imaginative.

Director required.

Cornered by Carol Libman

Every time Cassie passes the corner, she knows she's being watched by an older woman. It takes courage to keep a secret that lasts a lifetime.  

Director required.

Digital Divide by Many Beriro 

When a computer geek encounters the perfect woman, he realizes virtual reality is no match for real life. Relevant.

Director selected.

Dorothy Parker is in the Bath by Laurel Ollstein

Dorothy Parker contemplates suicide while taking a bath during a party. A young man walks in to the bathroom. Can he save her? Or does he need to be saved from Dorothy’s razor-sharp wit?  

Director selected.

Fragile Filigree Love by Georgette Kelly

A grandmother and granddaughter who have never met grapple with dreams, jealousy, and what it means to live in the future. Touching.

Director selected.

The Greening of Bridget Kelly by Peter Snoad

How far would you go to stop global warming? Bridget decides to kill two birds with one stone. And her priest is left speechless. An unsettling satire.

Director selected.

High School Intifada by Cary Gitter

Sixteen-year-old Rivvy has been called to Principal Miller's office for "online bullying." But does the school have their own agenda? Based on a true incident.

Director required.

Hitch by James McLindon

A man is about to kick out a young hitchhiker he has picked up until a startling truth is revealed. Can a teenager's experience be calmed with a moment of kindness?   

Director selected.

In Her Golden Years by Steven Korbar

A daughter discovers something out of the ordinary that shines a different light on how she views her mother. Moving.

Director selected.

Magic Hour by Jack Karp

A female photographer looks for the perfect photo in London during the German Blitz and must choose between the man she loves and her ambition. A poignant story coloured with the literal and metaphorical shades of life.

Director required.

Meet the Author by David Susman

What could possibly ruin a budding romance? A literary disagreement. An off-beat tale of how the truth hurts. Quirky.

Director required.

Mountaineer by Ken Weitzman

Extreme mountaineering, sisters, and a rather unconventional eulogy.  A tribute to recognizing real heroes. Disarming.

Director selected.

One Night Fran by Adam Szudrich

Three women recount their dates with Fran simultaneously in rat-a-tat barrage of lust, self-doubt and questionable dance moves. A comedy about seeing the same things through very different eyes.

Director selected.

Pants by Taylor Hatch

A zipped-up comedy about a wife whose grip on work is as tight as her pants. A witty re-telling of the determined 'career woman'.     

Director selected.

Performance Review by Nedra Roberts

Charlene’s day starts off with the work evaluation from hell, then gets worse. Yet, she knows how to  fight back in uncongenial ways. HR watch out!

Director selected.

Pool Service by Rich Orloff

A cautious woman and an even more cautious man have their lives changed by a sexy and shameless pool service guy - with a divinely ulterior motive.  Delightfully absurd.

Director selected.

The Big Checkout by John Kane

A late night ice cream run turns into a cosmic conversation in a supermarket. Wonderfully wacky.

Director selected.

The Equation by Ruth Cantrell

Abby and Dave, dress for a dinner party when a slight miscalculation has dire consequences for their a marriage. The steady rise of tension keeps the drama front-and-centre.     

Director required.

The Inheritance by Mackenzie Jahnke

Two sisters, who couldn’t be more at odds with each other, set off into the sweltering desert in search of a hidden treasure bequeathed to them by their recently deceased mother. Indulge in the good, bad and ugly.

Director selected.

The Red Light by David L. Williams

In a country under constant surveillance, Eva and Charly have entered an illegal relationship, and must decide whether to escape or give up their dreams. '1984' meets a 'Handmaid's Tale'.  

Director selected.

Two Girls by Allie Costa

In this haunting and poetic 'duologue', two women emerge from a violent attack. Female power. Imaginative storytelling.

Director selected.

Welcome Wagon by Francesca Pazniokas

Three young moms welcome a newly immigrated refugee to their neighborhood.  A story of ‘white feminism’ and when 'woke' goes wrong.  

Director required.

Yes vs. No: A Modern-day Love Story by James Pfrehm

Would you marry a cheater? How about your first cousin? Playing with words and meaning never seemed so comical. A hilarious romp.