The Black Show


plays that reposition character dynamics


If you like your plays confrontational and testy, this is the show for you. A character directly upends the power dynamics in each play. Growing up requires courage and doses of humility. 

blackShow* times / Trinity / Studio
Thurs. June 1 - 7 pm
Fri. June 2 -  9:45 pm
Sat. June 3 - 2 pm and 6 pm
Mon. June 5 - 7 pm
Tues. June 6 -  9 pm
Wed. June 7 - 7 pm
Thurs. June 8 -  9 pm
Fri. June 9 - 8 pm
Sat. June 10 - 4 pm and 8 pm

*Shows not wheelchair accessible

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Watch 6 ten-minute plays in one show.

The blackShow includes the following plays (no intermission and quick set changes between plays):

I Love You by Nina Ki

Manchild Psychiatry by Evan Allgood

The Hourglass by Francesca Brugnano

Maisie in the Cold by Shannon Murdoch

Mother and Daughter by Scott Carter Cooper

The Chinese Life Force by Michael McGoldrick


I love you by nina ki




The father and son bond has been examined
for millennium. Disarming in its simplicity. Deeply personal in its message.

Director: Charles Manzo

Featuring: Cam Parkes and Nelvin Law

Stage Manager: Ashley Frederick

Manchild Psychiatry by Evan Allgood



A young man undergoes therapy at the hands of North America's foremost manchild psychiatrist. Absurdity ensues.


Director: Sara Salahi

Featuring: Paul Persic and Weria Havari Nassab

The Hourglass by Francesca brugnano



A headstrong student discovers a magical way to turn the tables on her teacher while in detention. A whimsical and moving tale. 

Director: Christian Michael Teatro

Featuring: Arina Imbirovski, Ana Gonzalez

Maisie in the cold by Shannon murdoch



Maisie sits in the courtyard of an apartment block night after night, unable to find the courage or the words to climb the stairs and talk to her estranged daughter, Jennifer.  Forgiveness never felt so heart- wrenching.    


Director: Zachary Arndt

Featuring: Kimberly Wells, Roz McArthur Keyes

Mother and Daughter by Scott carter cooper



A mother is looking forward to building an adult relationship with her daughter, while the daughter has other ideas about what it means to be a grown up.

Director: Alexandra Caprara

Featuring: Celine Gunton, Maxx Finkelstein


Stage Manager: Amanda Caliolo

The Chinese life FORCE by Michael mcgoldrick



Two old college friends catch up over a friendly game of Scrabble, but ancient rivalries come to the fore. A tale about today's "man" and the many ways he's compelled to compete.


Director: Adam Bonney

Featuring: VeShone Cunningham, Mark Brombacher