The Black Show


entrapping; the world tries to contain her 


entrapping; the world tries to contain her 

blackShow* times / Trinity / Studio
Thurs. June 7 - 7 pm
Fri. June 8 -  9:45 pm
Sat. June 9 - 2 pm and 6 pm
Mon. June 11 - 8 pm
Wed. June 13 -  7 pm
Fri. June 15 -  8 pm
Sat. June 16 - 4pm and 8pm

*Shows not wheelchair accessible

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Watch 6 ten-minute plays in one show.

The blackShow includes the following plays (no intermission and quick set changes between plays):

Digital Divide by Meny Beriro

Pants by Taylor Hatch

High School Intifada by Cary Gitter

Cornered by Carol Libman

Meet the Author by David Susman

Two Girls by Allie Costa


digital divide by meny beriro




When a computer geek encounters the perfect woman, he realizes virtual reality is no match for real life.

Director: Jeffrey Kennes

Featuring: Ezera Beyene, Emily Craig Hora, Gianni Sallese

Stage Manager: 

pants by taylor hatch

A zipped-up comedy about a wife whose grip on work is as tight as her pants, and her husband, who prefers boxers. 


Director: Rebecca Becket Grace

Featuring: Bill Mahabir, Erin Smythe

High school intifada by cary gitter



Sixteen-year-old Rivvy's been called to Principal Miller's office for "online bullying." But is it really because she's anti-Israel? A sharp, funny battle of wills.  

Director: Todd Colley

Featuring: Sara Douglas, Bruce Williamson

Cornered by carol libman



Every time Cassie passes the corner, she knows she's being watched by an older woman.  


Director: Della Golland

Featuring: Connie Guccione, Courtney Keir

Meet the author by david susman



What could possibly ruin a budding romance? A literary disagreement.

Director: Susan Loncar

Featuring: Subhash Santosh, Jenny Pullon


Stage Manager: 

Two girls by allie costa

In this haunting and poetic "duologue", two women emerge from a violent attack.


Director: Jackie Mahoney

Featuring: Natalie Morgan, Amy O'Grady