The Blue Show


alluding; how the world views her

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alluding; how the world views her

blueShow times/ Mainstage:
Thurs. June 7 -  9 pm
Sat. June 9 -  8 pm
Wed. June 13 -  7 pm
Fri. June 15 -  8 pm
Sat. June 16 -  6 pm

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6 ten-minute plays in one show.The blueShow includes the following plays (no intermission and quick set changes between plays): :

The Big Checkout by John Kane

Magic Hour by Jack Karp

In Her Golden Years by Steven Korbar

Welcome Wagon by Francesca Pazniokas

The Greening of Bridget Kelly by Peter Snoad

Pool Service by Rich Orloff


the Big checkout by john kane

A late night ice cream run turns into a cosmic conversation when a supermarket scanner begins speaking to a customer.


Director: Sabrina Gomes


magic hour by jack karp


A female photographer wanders around London during the German Blitz looking for the perfect photo. But when her lover reveals he’s been offered a job back in the U.S., she must choose between the man she loves and her ambition.

Director: Radoslav Ognjenovic


In her golden years by steven korbar

A contentious mother/daughter relationship is altered when one of them discovers what looks like an Olympic gold medal.


Director: Andrea Pestana


welcome wagon by Francesca Pazniokas

Three young moms welcome a newly immigrated refugee to their neighborhood.  A story of white feminism and when 'woke' goes wrong.

Director: Anna Lytvynova


the greening of bridget kelly by peter snoad

How far would you go to stop global warming? Bridget decided to kill two birds with one stone. And it made her priest gag.

Director: Donald Baker


pool service by rich orloff


A cautious woman and an even more cautious man have their lives changed by a sexy and shameless pool service guy - with a divinely ulterior motive.  Definitely a comedy.

Director: Victoria Hudson