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What I loved was the diversity of ideas explored and the diversity and number of actors involved. - Susan Allen.

inspiraTO's 15th season All shows will be Unhinged!

Thank you to all those who made the 14th inspiraTO Festival a memorable experience: to the directors, actors, production crew, countless volunteers and audiences who realize the beauty of the ten-minute play art form (not to mention the amazing opportunities to network with so many theatre creators). We also made our announcement, to the delight of so many people at the Awards Ceremeny, about inspiraTO's new shift moving forward, with all the plays being 'Unhinged' for the 2020 season.* Read below for details.

See who the award winners were in the 14th inspiraTO Festival: See here.

We are so excited! inspiraTO is taking a LEAP (which is also next season’s theme). The plays in the 2020 season will all be Unhinged*:

-          All plays will be selected by a lottery (lottery draw opens in October)

-          Each theatre creation will be 10 minutes

-         100% of tickets sales will go to the artists

-         Each theatre co/individual will have full creative control AND address next season’s theme: LEAP.

To be part of the festival - click here.

We experimented with Unhinged* this season with the blackShow (we had 43 lotttery applicants). Audiences were thrilled. We know the timing is right to make this something that future theatre artists want to be part of – with quicker and simpler ways for artists to show their work and build a network of peers. The creative challenge of a yearly ‘theme’ will be there. 

Hats off to all our artists, production crew and volunteers in bringing us to where we are today.

Participate next year (write a play, direct, act, volunteer).

This shift in direction builds on our mandate of increasing participation by giving even more opportunities (especially for Canadian artists). It also allows for more forms of theatre creation to blossom in this art form.

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Please Note: We will not be offering a playwriting contest anymore — you will need to apply to be part of Unhinged. We will post, as part of Unhinged, an inspiraTO Challenge (details announced in January) and open to Canadians only.

The range of talent was astonishing! Each ten-minute play was a wonderful slice of theatre, bursting with all the energy and heart of a full-length play. -Ann McDougall

Amazing!! My family and I are visiting Toronto from the U.S. on vacation, and this has been my favorite thing that we’ve done in Toronto. It is so invigorating and refreshing to see such a plethora of work from emerging artists. What an excellent tradition. Thank you!! -Kessler Catterall

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I had no idea that such an art form was ripe for both artist and audience members.
It is an art form whose time has come.
— Ydessa Hendeles

Theatre inspiraTO, the producers of the inspiraTO Festival, Canada's largest ten-minute play festival, is entering its 15th year. Each season, playwrights from around the globe submit a ten-minute play based on a theme. The inspiraTO Festival is held in Toronto in late May/early June and provides over 100 theatre artists an opportunity to participate, network, learn and grow their craft.