10th InspiraTO Festival.  Alumnae Theatre Mainstage,  May 28 - June 6, 2015 

50 actors needed.

OPEN CALL FOR AUDITIONS. Auditions take place in March. Rehearsals start in April.

Photo: The Dolphin Kick by Asher Wyndham (9th InspiraTO Festival). L to R: Tom Beattie, Adam Bonney, Sara Miller, Keriece Harris, and Jennifer Robson. Photo by Marileina Pearson


With over 100 artists participating at this year's festival we will need crew and volunteers, from stage managers, coordinators, front of house and more. We will post the details in the next week.      


We are on our way to producing a milestone in Theatre InspiraTO's history: Ten years of producing bold, dynamic plays. We have grown to become Canada's largest ten-minute play festival and a space for up-and-coming artists. READ ABOUT THE FULL INSPIRATO STORY. Click here.

There are many other ways to be part of it all: direct a play, act or volunteer as the crew.  Over 100 participating artists are part of the festival each year.

Audition for a play.  50 Actors required!
This year we will be producing 24 ten-minute plays, 'quickies', site specific plays, an art show, live music and many more surprises. If you would like to audition for a play - click here.

Volunteer to be part of the crew. We will require stage managers, assistant stage managers, sound and lighting operators, make up, front of house and more. Click here. 

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