The InspiraTO Festival showcases an impressive collection of ten-minute plays from around the globe -- directed and acted by Canadians. Over 100 theatre artists participate: June 1 - 10, 2017. See 24 ten-minute plays over a two week period; or see them all in a day! Experience high-octane theatre.


The plays are grouped into four shows -  six plays per show, 60 minutes per show. Each show, also, has a sub-theme. For example, all the plays in the redShow deal with an obsession within the overarching theme of 'Grow Up'.  With no intermissions in the shows, and quick set changes between plays, it allows the audience to experience what is akin to a full length play. The ten-minute plays are a rapid sequence of engagement and emotions.  

This year's theme is Grow Up.

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I had no idea that such an art form was ripe for both artist and audience members.
It is an art form whose time has come.
— Ydessa Hendeles