11th InspiraTO Festival, Alumnae Theatre Mainstage, Trinity & Studio, June 2-11, 2016

Produced by Theatre InspiraTO

The creative challenge: Shift. All the plays had the same creative challenge. 24 ten-minute plays were produced of which seven plays were directed by the graduates of the InspiraTO's Directing Academy.

We have grown to become Canada's largest ten-minute play festival and a space for up-and-coming artists.

redShow: passionShift (Alumnae Mainstage)
Quack by Patrick Gabridge. Director / Colleen Simm. Cast / Madeleine Brown (Abigail), David Carcasole (Andy) Backstory by Francesca Brugnano. Director / Isaac Lloyd. Cast / Celeste Van Vroenhoven (Playwright), Carl Jackson (Man). Katherine and Peter by Gianfranco Lentini. Director / Adam Bonney. Cast / Kristi Woods (Katherine), Adam Malcolm ( Peter). Rehearsal Stage Manager / Nora Williams. Serengeti by Barry McKinley (People’s Choice Award). Director / Lena Slanisky. Cast / Allan Michael Brunet (Paddy). Orchids and Polka Dots by Nathan Yungerberg. Director / Paige Falardeau. Cast / Christine Shakespeare (Mrs. Vivian Jordan), Jovan Kocic (Dr. Stephen Gentry). B-Roll by Elenna Stauffer (InspiraTO Playwriting Contest 1st Prize). Director / Josh Downing. Cast / Chelsea Riesz (Bella), Natasha Fiorini (Carla), Bruce Williamson (Steve), Jessica Grossi ( Hannah).

blueShow: viewShift (Alumnae Mainstage)
The Paradigm by Josh Downing. Director / Kitti Laki. Cast / Mark Brombacher (Frank/Shane), Erin Smythe (Alice), Adam Bonney (Allan/Eric), Celia Aloma (Francine). A Dog Dreams by Jeffrey Fischer-Smith. Director / Carina Cojeen. Cast / Andressa Riveros (Molly), Stacey Iseman (Alice). The Real Thing by Angie Farrow. Director / Rebecca Becket Grace. Cast / Francesco De Francesco (Lacey), Natalie Bazar (Gillian), Derek Masterson (David), Josh Morris (Orlando). Dying is an Art, by Kendra Augustin. Director / Eilish Waller. Cast / Kimberley Wells ( Sylvia Plath 1), Ermina Perez ( Sylvia Plath 2), Tatiana Haas ( Sylvia Plath 3). Paul and Petandra by Deanna Kruger (People’s Choice Award). Director / Carl Jackson. Cast / J. Todd Colley (Paul), Eliza Martin (Petandra). Campfire Stories by Keith Davidson. Director / Nastazja Palonka. Cast / Erik Mrakovcic (Woody), Jermaine Ward (Matthew), Bill Mahabir (Kim), Thinh Nguyen (Ned), Adam Bonney (Jimmy).  

blackShow: powerShift (Alumnae Studio/Trinity)
Altervista by Donovan Jackson, Reverie Theatre. Director / Ardyth Johnson. Cast/ Donovan Jackson.
Getting Two Gay Men Naked in Ten Minutes or Less by Larson Rose. Director / David Wootton. Cast / Shawn Lall (Rakeem), Graham Dalgleish (Ben). Drip by Jeff Jones, Charcoal Sketch Productions Director/ Jeff Jones. Cast/ Kyra Soukup. Rehearsal Stage Manager: Lily Chan. Family Game Night by Peter Kennedy (People’s Choice Award). Director / Emily Stang. Cast/ Josh Downing (Dad), Claudia Veira (Mom), Daniel Pascale (Max), Andrea (Hannah Vanden Boomen).  Witnesses by Dominik Loncar. Director/ Andreja Kovac. Cast/ Madeleine Brown (Woman), David Carcasole (Man), Jeffrey H Kennes (Inspector). 20/20 by Amanda Healy. Director / Dominik Loncar. Cast / Christina Leonard (Zelda), Conor Ling (Oliver).  

whiteShow: innocenceShift (Alumane Studio/Trinity)
Spooning by Julia Lederer. Director /  Erin O'Hanley.  Cast / Rae Bernakevitch (Judith).  Washing the Dead by Sandra Perlman. Director / Daniel Benoit. Cast / Sandra Cardinal (Rose), Cassandra Potenza (Katie), Andrew Merrigan (Corpse). Rehearsal Stage Manager / Erin Colleen. You Are Trying My Patience by Steve Moulds.  Director / Bruce Williamson. Cast / Conor Ling (Preston), Amanda Jane Smith (Ms. Demchek). The Sculpture Gallery by Aoise Stratford. Director / Jeffrey H Kennes. Cast / Nicole Bell (Kennedy), Joe Rabbito, (Jack) Vidya Sri (Patron), Anna Halvorsen (#17). Members of the Public are Requested to Remain Behind the White Line by Marc Harpin.  Director / Adrian Beattie
Cast / Shawn Lall (Cal), Alex Joseph (Milo). Dressing Bobby Strong by Stephen Spotswood (People’s Choice Award).  Director / David H. Mazumdar. Cast / Courtney Keir (Constance), Nathaniel Kinghan (Bobby).  


Artistic Director and Producer/Dominik Loncar. Associate Artistic Director/Lumir Hladik. Lead Director/Directing Academy Instructor/Andreja Kovac. Lighting Designer/Yehuda Fisher. Costume Designer/Set Designer Consultant/Ivana Matuzovic. Assistant Lighting Designers/Brian McCall/Ashley Groves. Preshow and transitional music mixed by/DJ Angus James. Projection artists/ Taylor Doyle/ Daniela Sneppova/ Lumir Hladik.

Leads General Manager/Erin O'Hanley. Social Media Coordinator/ Lina Mico. Coordinator, Guest Theatre Companies/Steven Jackson. Website Coordinator/Melissa MacKintosh. Publicity/Teresa Bottaro.  

Production Manager/Properties Master/Ryan McLean. redShow Stage Manager/Rebecca Tran. blueShow Stage Manager/Lindsay Lowes. blackShow and whiteShow Stage Manager/Becky Tanton. Assistant Stage Managers/Armon Ghaeinizadeh/Shannon Rawn. Lighting Operator (red and blue Shows)/ Brian McCall. Lighting Operator (black and white Shows)/Ashley Groves. Technical Director/Angus Barlow. Front of House: Nikki  , Sue Kitchen.   Theatre InspiraTO’s Directing Academy graduates: Adam Bonney, Carina Cojeen, Carl Jackson, David Henry Mazumdar, Jeff Kennes, Nastazja Palonka, Josh Downing   Playwriting Contest Selection Committee:  Andreja Kovac, Erin O'Hanley, Tabitha Keast, Erik Mrakovcic, Tristan Taylor Rive, Steven Jackson, Dominik Loncar       


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