The range of talent was astonishing! Each ten-minute play was a wonderful slice of theatre, bursting with all the energy and heart of a full-length play.
             Ann McDougall

What I saw that evening was much more than a collection of individual ten-minute plays in one show ; it felt like a full length play - with rising action, turning point and resolution.
            Elaine Romero

I had no idea that such an art form was ripe for both artist and audience members. It is an art form whose time has come.
           Ydessa Hendeles

I recently had the pleasure to take part in a rather unique and entertaining play festival. Imagine 10 plays, 10 minutes each in one evening. I was lucky enough to be selected as a director in this year's festival  and the experience was simply amazing.
           Tommy Taylor

It was some of the best theatre I'd seen in Toronto in a very long time. I feel like I witnessed something quite special and look forward to next year's event. I'd never attended at 10 minute play festival before. I just love the format. The actors, sets, screen displays, lighting were top notch.
          Helene Paquin

I am grateful that InspiraTO gave me and other playwrights the experience to develop our writing skills. The festival is an asset to Canadian theatre for the skills of emerging playwrights.
          Lindsay Cochrane 

The InspiraTO Festival was flawlessly organized.
          Victoria Sheperd

The InspiraTO Festival is unique because it is dedicated to showcasing works of ten minutes. While the short form is common for novelists and screenwriters, in the theatre world there are fewer opportunities to showcase short works. A ten-minute play requires the same structure as a longer full-length play but has the limitation of time. The ten-minute time limit can help emerging and established writers exercise their knowledge of structure and storytelling.
          Kate Fenton

What a year! Thank you so much for giving me another opportunity to surround myself with creative souls in InspiraTO!
          Nick Dipchand

I hope to watch many new faces pass through this festival in years to come.
          Natalie Feheregyhazi

Amazing to bite into the complexities playwrights plum in a mere ten minutes, and the staging was simply superlative.
          Lavonne McCumber Eals

The artistic leadership provided from start to finish was hugely helpful and contributed to my education as a playwright.
          Jessica Anderson

The idea that the short play can be a work of art on the same level as a great poem or painting is rare I think. So, thank you for doing what you do and believing it is worth it.
          Angie Farrow