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inspiraTO challenge


re-hooked: inspiraTO challenge

greyShow* times / Mainstage
Thurs. June 6 – 9 pm Fri. June 7 – 9:45 pm

Part of the Re-hooked series.

Contestants were asked to write/create a ten-minute play based on this year’s theme: Outcast AND the play must take place at an abandoned factory; the opening line must start with: “I see a wolf” and incorporate a glove

Wheelchair accessible

Headshots and bios up shortly

6 ten-minute plays in one show The greyShow includes the following plays (no intermission and quick set changes between plays):

1. Listen In by Susan Allen / 2. A Wolf at the Oasis by Douglas Tindal / 3. Solomon’s Hands by Radissen Ramoutar / 4. Off Work by Michael Stittle / 5. Life's Work by Sheila Toller / 6. The Wolf at our Door by Zachary Moull



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Listen In by Susan Allen



The bridge to connecting a woman's mind and body is through the living, breathing, moving wolf within that she encounters while dancing.


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Director and Performer: Susan Allen

A Wolf at the Oasis by Douglas Tindal

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An abandoned factory prompts two characters to explore differing views of marriage.


Director: Jackson Nair

Featuring: Krista Barzso, Steve Mackey

Solomon’s Hands by Radissen Ramoutar



And those who were seen dancing, were thought to be crazy, by those who could not hear the music.


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Director: Radissen Ramoutar

Featuring: Ryan Armstrong, Julie Michaud

Off Work by Michael Stittle

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A former factory worker tells the story of a workplace accident.


Director: Liz Laywine

Featuring: Alex Stamp

Life’s Work by Sheila Toller

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Despite her frailty, 80-yr-old Mary fiercely defends her life's work and legacy.


Director: Harvey Levkoe

Featuring: Jane Hunter, James Phelan, Holm Bradwell, Christine Dick

The Wolf at the Door by Zachary Moull

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An artist hopes to pass along her craft - before it's too late.


Director: Steven Griffin

Featuring: Jenn Addesso, Madelaine Rose, Xanath Fuentes Natanson, Andile Win