Call for directors for the 2017 season

The 12th Annual InspiraTO Festival, Toronto, June 1 - June 10, 2017.

Request to direct a ten-minute play. Deadline to submit: Jan. 24, 2017

NOTICE TO ACTORS: Auditions will be posted in February and take place in March. In the meantime read the plays (see below). 

17 directors have already been selected. Another 7 plays still require directors.
This is what you need to do if you'd like to direct a ten-minute play for Canada's largest ten-minute play festival:
Step 1. Read a play (scroll down to PLAYS: click on the title of the play to read it). Note: only plays with "DIRECTOR REQUIRED" are open to direct.  
Step 2. Decide which play(s) you'd like to direct. Put them in order of preference. If selected you will only direct one play.
Step 3. Email: inspirato@ca.inter.net. In the subject line write: Direct A Play. Answer the following questions:

General information (please answer all questions)
- Write your name, phone number and email address
- Your experience/training/background in directing/performance arts (you may attach a resume if you wish)
- Your availability (times during the week you are available for auditions and rehearsals)
AND For each play you would like to direct
1) State the name of the play
2) What interests you about the play
3) Your approach to directing

Deadline to submit your request: Jan. 24, 2017. 
*Please note we may fill each director position sooner so get your requests in early. The plays will indicate if the director position has been filled. 

Quick schedule overview:
- There will be a director's meeting in February.
- Auditions are March. You will be given two 40 minute slots.
- Rehearsals will be held in mid April/May - flexible schedule.
- Tech runs are in late May. Performances: June 1 - 10 (Alumnae Theatre)

- This is a non paying, non-union event.


NOTE: The plays are posted for the purpose of selecting directors and actors. Any use of a play, either in whole or in part, must have the expressed permission of the playwright.

Grow Up. Time to be an adult.  Plays that disturb and challenge:

A Test of Mettle by Steven R Bond. 2 Males. DIRECTOR REQUIRED. Why do we attach such value to objects from our childhood? A confrontation that goes off- course. Eerie.
Maisie in the Cold by Shannon Murdoch. 2 Females. DIRECTOR SELECTED. Maisie sits in the courtyard of an apartment block night after night, unable to find the courage or the words to climb the stairs and talk to her estranged daughter, Jennifer.  Forgiveness never felt so heart-wrenching.

Memories by John Martins III. 1 Female/2 Males. DIRECTOR SELECTED. A car accident wrecks a love triangle, resulting in forgotten...or is it purposely skewered memories?  What are we forced to remember?  What do we choose to suppress?  Three characters trapped from their own devices.
Over the Moon by Sophia Chapadjiev. 2 Females / 2 Males. DIRECTOR SELECTED.
Jacqueline and her brother used to play a game called: Who Can Play Dead the Longest.  And one day… he won. A poetic tale of love and loss and the way it haunts us.
Rachel by Rick Allden. 1 Female/ 1 Male. DIRECTOR SELECTED. He's hammering at the door.  Alone in a room with a knife, Rachel is finally piecing together every attempt to change her into someone else.

So Lovely Here On Earth by Mary Portser. DIRECTOR REQUIRED. 1 Female/ 1 Male. When a college dropout applies for a mission to Mars, she meets resistance from an unlikely source. Ironic.

The Great Engine by Reina Hardy. 2 Females. DIRECTOR SELECTED. Alice's favorite story from a young age is the one her best friend Via tells about the Great Engine, which only children can see.  A "magic drama" that embraces the shifting landscape of friendship.
The Lesson by Steven Young. 1 Female/ 1 Male. DIRECTOR SELECTED.  A professor and student deliberate gun violence and racism in ways that makes the audience a true witness to the implication. Unsettling.  

Grow up. The child never leaves us.  Plays with the right mix of drama and comedy:

A Complete Set by Jenny Lyn Bader. 2 Females/1 Male. DIRECTOR REQUIRED. Four chairs sit discarded on a sidewalk. Could they complete an ideal table and harmonious future grown-up life? An imaginative interpretation about trust, aspirations, and the perils of abandoned furniture.
I Love You by Nina Ki. 2 Males. DIRECTOR SELECTED. The father and son bond has been examined for millennium. Disarming in its simplicity. Deeply personal in its message. 

It's Time by Dan Borengasser. 2 Male. DIRECTOR SELECTED.  A friend – particularly a best friend – is a rare gift, but some friendships are destined to be phased out.  Bittersweet.

Mother and Daughter by Scott Carter Cooper. 2 Female. DIRECTOR REQUIRED. A mother is looking forward to building an adult relationship with her daughter, while the daughter has other ideas about what it means to be a grown up.

Number 27 by Becky Tanton. 1 Female/1 Male. DIRECTOR SELECTED.  A surprising friendship starts at the Louvre sparked by the Mona Lisa.  A hopeful romance, with a hint of dark realism. 

Posthumous Friends by Len Cuthbert. 1 Female/1 Male. DIRECTOR SELECTED. The difference between being insignificant and being bigger than life could be death. Welcome to the bittersweet dance of heroes. 

The Chinese Life Force by Michael McGoldrick. 2 Male. DIRECTOR REQUIRED. Two old college friends catch up over a friendly game of Scrabble, but ancient rivalries come to the fore. A tale about today's "man" and the many ways he's compelled to compete.

Twirling by Karen Loseff Lothan. DIRECTOR SELECTED.1 Female/1 Male. Wisdom can come from the strangest of places. A six year old teaches her father a lesson that warms the soul and opens up the heart. 

Grow Up. Why Bother? Plays that are whimsical or laugh-out loud hilarious:

Adulthood Nightmares by Anne Flanagan. 2 Female/1 Male. DIRECTOR SELECTED.
Mary is no longer a child but she still has bad dreams. These days, they're not about the boogeyman - they are much, much more frightening. Think weight gain. Biological clocks. Herpes.  

Grindrd by J. Joseph Cox. 2 Male/ 1 Female.
DIRECTOR REQUIRED. Two teenagers, bent on being treated as grown-ups, discover a jaw-dropping secret that makes them second-guess their own preparedness for being adults. A funny tale about the vagary of sexuality.

Immortals by Noah Habenstreit. 3 Male/ 1 Female. DIRECTOR REQUIRED. A play about three beings who are able to live forever. One day they find out that's about to change. The pacing and rhythm of the dialogue is impeccable.    

Manchild Psychiatry by Evan Allgood. 2 Males. DIRECTOR SELECTED. A young man undergoes therapy at the hands of North America's foremost manchild psychiatrist. Absurdity ensues. 
Santa Doesn't Live Here Anymore by Patrick Gabridge. 1 Female/2 Males (or gender flexible). DIRECTOR SELECTED. Jeffrey is 30 and still believes in Santa. This Christmas, Mom and Dad reveal all kinds of truths. A hilarious poke at the secrets we keep.

The Hourglass by Francesca Brugnano. 2 Females. DIRECTOR SELECTED.
A headstrong student discovers a magical way to turn the tables on her teacher while in detention. A whimsical and moving tale. 

Transferring Kyle by Jonathan Cook. 1 Female/2 Males. DIRECTOR SELECTED. 
Kyle Henley has strayed away from his destined path in life. The Life Management Experts have decided that he must be replaced by another version of himself. Surreal.

Zootopia by Brian Wallace. 1 Male/ 1 Female. DIRECTOR SELECTED. Two people waiting for a movie think they already know their own ending. But there’s more than one way to "step out of line.” A crackling first date comedy determined to break you up.