PERFECT TEN: Write an Engaging Ten-minute Play!

Hands-on workshop    

Saturday November 26, 9:30 am to 3:30 pm 
213 Sterling Road. Ste 204. Toronto, ONT.      

Writing a  ten-minute play can be creatively rewarding. The ten-minute limit forces the playwright to make every line count  -- not an easy feat.  However, many aspiring playwrights write a sketch or a scene instead of a ten-minute play.

In this workshop, Dominik Loncar (Artistic Director of Theatre InspiraTO) leads you through a series of hands- on exercises, techniques and shares tips on how to write an engaging ten-minute play.      

This workshop is suitable for both the beginner and seasoned writer. 
Fee: $89.00 (no H.S.T.).
9:30 am to 3:30 am. 1 hour for lunch (not provided). There are fast food places nearby or bring your own lunch. Please bring a notebook and pen.   

Note: For past InspiraTO artists or volunteers there is a 30% discount! Please mention this at the time of registration. 

In addition to receiving immediate feedback during the workshop, each participant will also be given a onetime one-on-one feedback session on their ten-minute play (valid for up to 6 months after the workshop).  

Bonus: One of the plays in the workshop will receive a reading at the 12th InspiraTO Festival in June 2017.

Note: You are not
expected to come with a piece of writing  -- you will write a play from scratch. 

Learn how to master this art form. Increase your chances from going to page to stage.      

Dominik Loncar is the Artistic Director of Theatre InspiraTO, the producers of the InspiraTO Festival, Canada's largest ten-minute play festival, now entering its 12th season. To date, 3,600 ten-minute plays have been submitted to InspiraTO's contests, with 204 ten-minute plays produced. Dominik has written and directed more than a dozen ten-minute plays and has read and evaluated over 2,000 ten-minute plays to date. He leads Theatre InspiraTO’s Playwriting Academy.
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In the subject line write: Perfect Ten
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Theatre InspiraTO, 124 Broadway Avenue Ste. 302, Toronto, Ont. M4P 1V8, Attention: Perfect Ten 
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Registration can only be confirmed after receipt of payment.

There is a $20 cancellation fee. There are no refunds one week before the workshop.

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