It may take years to write a play and get it produced. Theatre InspiraTO's Playwriting Academy allows the full spectrum of experience; starting with an idea to seeing one's play staged within seven months (along with the invaluable learning that comes with it).
-Dominik Loncar (Artistic Director, Theatre InspiraTO)



The future needs your voice, your passion, your art.

There are very few safe environments that foster play, exploration, creating and finally presenting our stories. It is our strongest desire that Theatre InspiraTO's Playwriting Academy act as a nurturing haven for you to grow as an artist.

The program is not just theoretical lecturing on playwriting. We take a hands-on and creative approach - one where you experience the full process of creation - with many touch points in learning - from inception of the idea to performance.

We challenge you to do your best work. We provide all the resources in accessing theatre professionals, exercises in creativity, working with a dramaturges to working with a director and seeing your work come alive on stage. Writing a quality ten-minute play requires work. The same principles apply in creating a compelling ten-minute play as they do in writing a full length play; from establishing conflict, rising action, climax and resolution.

The time frame of the program is held over a seven month period, allowing you to do a deep dive in the art of creating drama.

I learned that bringing a play from a tiny idea to a live theatrical event, is a thrill and a reward worth every moment of the pain and effort.

- Dale Sheldrake (InspiraTO Playwright, 2015)


It is rare a playwright has an opportunity to start a play from scratch knowing it will be produced onstage. The artistic leadership provided from start to finish was hugely helpful and contributed to my education as a playwright.
- Jessica Andersen (InspiraTO Playwright 2012)

I had such an incredible and inspiring experience at the InspiraTO playwriting Academy. Not only did I meet wonderful friends and playwrights but I learned how the process works from writing a play to having an audience. I learned that writing a play takes discipline, persistence and maybe a touch of theatre magic. Thank you Dominik and InspiraTO for this invaluable opportunity.
- Noami Matlow (InspiraTO Playwright, 2015)

...seeing my work performed was the ultimate form of feedback. Being able to see, hear, and feel how my writing landed with different audiences helped me better understand how to write for the theatre.
 - Lindsay Cochrane (InspiraTO Playwright, 2013)

  Bathwater  by Ayesha Mansur. In photo: Eunjing Nam. Photography by Ismael Asimov. 8th InspiraTO Festival.

Bathwater by Ayesha Mansur. In photo: Eunjing Nam. Photography by Ismael Asimov. 8th InspiraTO Festival.

Past Playwrights-in-Residence

Dale Sheldrake
Fiona Clarke
Josh Downing
Linda Jones
Naomi Matlow
Tabitha Keast
Tristan Taylor Rive

Cody Mclenon
Jennifer Turliuk
Julie Cohn
Ken Hall
Matthew Sarookanian
Sandra Cardinal

Christopher Duthie
Lindsay Cochrane
Mirella Christou
Rachel Ganz
Jenny Alexander
Ayesha Mansur
Brett Haynes
Ashley Park
Jordan Mechano
Kevin Craig
Madeleine Jullian
Arianne Matte

Jessica Anderson
Evan Russell Bawtinheimer
Marianne Fedunkiw
Kimia Pourazar
Lisa Aikman
Katie Sly