The Red Show



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redShow times/ Mainstage:
Thurs May 30  – 7 pm
Fri. May 31 - 8 pm
Sat. June 1 - 6 pm
Wed. June 5 -  8 pm
Sat. June 8 -  8 pm

Wheelchair accessible


Watch 6 ten-minute plays in one show. The redShow includes the following plays (no intermission and quick set changes between plays):

1. Shifting Emojis by Robin Miller Currás/ 2. One Small Step by Lawrence Aronovitch/  3. Blood by Yael Haskal/ 4. Faith on Tuesday by Thomas C. Dunn/ 5. The Stand by Caity-Shea Violette / 6.  Homo for Christmas by John Bavoso


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Shifting Emojis by Robin Miller Currás   

In the era of political correctness and social media etiquette how far should we go? Relevant.


Director: Avi Debnath

Featuring: Susan Castillo, Onella de Zilva, Jennifer Fahy  

One Small Step by Lawrence Aronovitch 

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1969. The moon landing. A knock at the door. And the aftermath of a love affair gone sour. Caustic yet tender.

Director: Steven Griffin

Featuring: Tom Haldenby, Armon Ghaeinizadeh

Blood by Yael Haskal

Lindy is called upon to donate blood to a local pastor and answer the ultimate question: "Does blood really run deep?” Unnerving.

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Director: Armon Ghaeinizadeh

Featuring: Natalie Morgan, Antoinette Ankrah

Faith on Tuesday by Thomas C Dunn

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A disturbed man holds another at gunpoint believing he can save them both from a fate worse than death. Gut-wrenching.

Director: Shawn Rocheleau

Featuring: Lex Stultz, David Carcasole


The Stand by Caity-Shea Violette

After surviving years of abuse, Alicia is behind bars for her husband's murder - and she must make an impossible choice. A captivating drama.

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Director: Shawn Lall

Featuring: Madelaine Rose, Krista Rowe

Homo for Christmas by John Bavoso

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Ashley brings her new girlfriend home for Christmas to meet her family... who turn out to be exceptionally bad at dealing with change. Festive and frenzied!  


Director: Joseph Burdi

Featuring: Rebecca Grace, Bruce Williamson, Barbara Salsberg, Camille Blott, Jenn Addesso

Rehearsal Stage Manager: Madeleine Monteleone