The Red Show


provoking; she confronts the world

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provoking; she confronts the world

redShow times/ Mainstage:
Thurs June 7 - 7pm
Fri. June 8 - 8 pm
Sat. June 9 - 6 pm
Thurs. June 14 -  7 pm
Sat. June 16 -  8 pm

Wheelchair accessible

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Watch 6 ten-minute plays in one show. The redShow includes the following plays (no intermission and quick set changes between plays):

Performance Review by Nedra Roberts (1stPrize Winner)

The Inheritance by Mackenzie Jahnke

Hitch by James McLindon

The Red Light by David L. Williams 

Brynlee and the Bull by Sean Nill

Dorothy Parker is in The Bath by Laurel Ollstein




Performance Review by Nedra Pezold Roberts   

Charlene’s day starts off with the work evaluation from hell, then gets worse.


Director: Lisa Saban

Featuring: Krista Rowe, Jake Zabusky, 

the inheritance by Mackenzie jahnke

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Two sisters set off into the sweltering desert in search of a hidden treasure supposedly bequeathed to them by their recently deceased mother.  However, what they find may be more than they bargained for.

Director: Zachary Moull

Featuring: Kelsey Dann, Madelaine Rose

HITCH by james mclindon

A man is about to kick out a young hitchhiker he  has picked up and until a startling truth is revealed.

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Director: Armon Ghaeinizadeh

Featuring: Ayman Hasan, Jordan Kewell

The red light by DAVID L. WILLIAMS

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In a country under constant surveillance, Eva and Charly have entered an illegal relationship, and today they must decide whether to escape as planned or give up their dreams forever.

Director: Donovan Jackson

Featuring: Danielle Doiron, Sarah Leach


Brynlee and the bull by SEAN PATRICK NIll

Wall Street  will never be the same with a new feminine face. Playful.

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Director: Bruce Williamson

Featuring: Susan Castillo, Onella de Zilva, Joshua Morris, Jayda Woods

dorothy parker is in the bath by laurel ollstein

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Dorothy Parker contemplates suicide while taking a bath during a party at her own house - When a young man walks in to the bathroom to take a piss - but ends up saving her. Or does he? 


Director: Lauren Ishak

Featuring: Nicholas Lepage, Maxx Finkelstein