Theatre InspiraTO's 13th Playwriting Contest preview.  Our next contest officially opens in July.


This year's creative challenge:

All about her.  


The theme "all about her" must be an integral part of the play.

We will reveal the full details in the coming weeks.



It's not official yet but...

The details of the contest will be revealed in July. However, let the theme sink in for the time being and let your muse inspire you to create imaginative theatre.  

What does a good ten-minute play need?

A ten-minute play is distinct from a sketch, or a skit; it is a compact play, with a beginning, middle and an end. You need a character facing obstacles in pursuit of some specific goal. You need rising action, conflict, and a climactic moment and your play must tell a complete story.

Generally speaking, scripts (including the stage directions, character names and dialogue) that are over 1,900 words are more than ten minutes long on stage. This does not mean that all plays under 1,900 words are under ten minutes, so be wise: use Word Count and read the play out loud while timing the length (including all pauses). You don't want your hard work rejected because it was too long. 

Get inspired. See your story come to life!