14th INSPIRATO FESTIVAL, May 30-June 8, 2019

Thank you to all those who made the the 14th inspiraTO Festival a wonderful success.

The inspiraTO Theatre Festival, Canada's largest ten-minute play festival had five different shows with a total of 30 ten-minute plays. For the 14th season, the jury reviewed 877 plays submissions. The festival showcased the work of 24 playwrights (plus another 6 plays from inspiraTO Challenge) from around the globe whose plays addressed the theme, Outcast.

People’s Choice Awards

Audiences voted for their favourite plays in each show. The play with the most votes, in each show, won the People's Choice Award: 

One Small Step 3.jpeg

redShow winner: One Small Step by Lawrence Aronovitch, directed by Steven Griffin, Cast: Tom Haldenby, Armon Ghaeinizadeh.

Take Me Out 1.jpeg

blueShow winner: Take Me Out by Chip Bolcik, directed by Dorsai Ranjbari, Cast: J. Todd Colley, Aldrick Dugarte.

The Sum of Your Exp 1.jpeg

whiteShow winner: The Sum of Your Experience by Trace Crawford, directed by Sharon Kirby, Cast: Robert Wilson, Radissen Ramoutar, Rehearsal Stage Manager: Grace Faria.

7 Minutes 2.jpeg

blackShow winner: 7 Minutes in Heaven by Rachel Manson, directed by Cydney Connell, Cast: Rachel Manson, Rhys Naylor.


greyShow: Life’s Work by Sheila Toller, directed by Harvey Levkoe, Cast: Jane Hunter, James Phelan, Holm Bradwell, Christine Dick, Rehearsal Stage Manager: Karen Farnocchi.

inspiraTO Peer Awards

Selected by the directors or producer (if a company) from each play in the festival.

Best Male Actor: Tom Haldenby in One Small Step by Lawrence Aronovitch.

Best Female Actor: Rachel Manson in  7 Minutes in Heaven by Rachel Manson.

Best Direction: Sundance Nagrial in Three Lotus Flowers by Kay Adshead.

Best Play: 7 Minutes in Heaven by Rachel Manson, Directed by Cydney Connell, Cast: Rachel Manson, Rhys Naylor.

14th Festival Line-Up

ITO, press release 2019, IMAGE FINAL.jpg
I still find new things every night, which is the beauty and fun of live theater. It’s a living, breathing art form.
— Brandon Uranowitz