12th INSPIRATO FESTIVAL, June 1 - 10, 2017

People’s Choice Awards

Audiences voted for their favourite plays in each show. The play with the most votes, in each show, won the People's Choice Award: 

whiteShow winner with copy.jpg

whiteShow: Zootopia by Brian Wallace. Directed by Celeste Bianca. Featuring Subhash Santosh, Justine Christensen.

blackShow: The Chinese Life Force by Michael McGoldrick. Directed by Adam Bonney. Featuring Shawn Lall, VeShone Cunningham and Mark Brombacher (June 9 & 10 shows).

blueShow winner with copy.jpg

blueShow: Transferring Kyle by Jonathan Cook. Directed by Robynne Harder. Featuring Thom Nyhuus, Evan MacKenzie and Kyrah Harder.

redShow winner with copy.jpg

redShow: Rachel by Rick Allden. Directed by Ziad El Khachab. Featuring Elizabeth Adams and Reid Lansky.     



InspiraTO Jury Awards

Selected by the *2017 InspiraTO Jury: 

Best Male Actor: Shawn Lall (as Nat) in The Chinese Life Force by Michael McGoldrick, blackShow. 

Best Female Actor: Roz McArthur Keyes (as Maisie) in Maisie in the Cold by Shannon Murdoch, blackShow. 

Best Direction: Dana Westerberg for Over the Moon by Sophia Chapadjiev, whiteShow

Best Overall Play:  Maisie in the Cold by Shannon Murdoch, blackShow. Directed by Zachary Arndt. Featuring Roz McArthur Keyes and Kimberley Wells.

*Thank you to the 2017 InspiraTO Jury: Neil Silcox, Barbara Larose, Michael Halfin, Josh Downing, Tracey Beltrano and Susan Allen.


"Over all, inspiraTO is successful in continuing to showcase up-and-coming theatre creators and allowing fresh ideas to come into fruition.”     -Veronica Appia, The Theatre Reader  

“I highly encourage you to get out to see a few of these shows and be treated to a barrage of ideas, emotions, talent, and imagination.”                - Stephen Lubin, Mooney on Theatre

The InspiraTO Festival, held its 12th season on June 1 to 10, 2017. Each season InspiraTO puts out a call for play submissions based on a theme. For the 12th season, the jury reviewed 458 plays submissions. The festival showcased the work of 24 playwrights from around the globe whose plays addressed what it means to ‘Grow Up.’ 


When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.
— C. S. Lewis