The White Show


plays that disrupt our sense of innocence


6 ten-minute plays in one show:

If you like your plays mischievous and at times jarring, this the show for you. Our sense of innocence is shaken up in each play. All of us come to terms with growing up in ways that irrevocably jolt us into what it means to be human.

whiteShow* times / Trinty / Studio
Thurs. June 1 -  9 pm
Fri. June 2 -  8 pm
Sat. June 3 -  4 pm and 8 pm
Mon. June 5 -  9 pm
Tues. June 6 -  7 pm
Wed. June 7 -  9 pm
Thurs. June 8 -  7 pm
Fri. June 9 -  9:45 pm
Sat. June 10 - 2 pm and 6 pm

*Not wheelchair accessible


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It’s Time by Dan Borengasser

A Test of Mettle by Steven R. Bond

Grindrd by J. Joseph Cox

Over the Moon by Sophia Chapadjiev

Zootopia by Brian Wallace

Adulthood Nightmares by Anne Flanagan



it's time by dan borengasser

ITO_BIRD_WHITE small_.jpg



A friend – particularly a best friend – is a rare gift, but some friendships are destined to be phased out.  Bittersweet.

Director: Cilaine Maurin

Featuring: Peter Mundell, JaeMoon Lee




Why do we attach such value to objects from our childhood? A confrontation that goes off-course. Erie. 

ITO_BIRD_WHITE small_.jpg

Director: Rebecca Becket Grace

Featuring: Simon Bennett, J. Todd Colley


ITO_BIRD_WHITE small_.jpg



Two teenagers, bent on being treated as grown-ups, discover a jaw-dropping secret that makes them second-guess their own preparedness for being adults. A funny tale about the vagary of sexuality.

Director: Tom Beattie

Featuring: Adam Bonney, Amanda Custodio, Mackenzie Burton

over the moon by sophia Chapadjiev



Jacqueline and her brother used to play a game called: Who Can Play Dead the Longest.  And one day… he won. A poetic tale of love and loss and the way it haunts us.

ITO_BIRD_WHITE small_.jpg

Director: Dana Westerberg

Featuring: Aniqa Khwaja, J. Todd Colley, Ben Siapas, Onella De Zilva

zootopia by brian wallace




Two people waiting for a movie think they already know their own ending. But there’s more than one way to "step out of line.” A crackling first date comedy determined to break you up.

ITO_BIRD_WHITE small_.jpg

Director: Celeste Bianca

Featuring: Justine Christensen, Subhash Santosh, Daria Sarrafian

adulthood nightmares by anne flanagan



Mary is no longer a child but she still has bad dreams. These days, they're not about the boogeyman - they are much, much more frightening. Think weight gain. Biological clocks. Herpes.

ITO_BIRD_WHITE small_.jpg

Director: Kyle Holleran

Featuring: Sean Meldrum, Jessica Bowmer