The White Show





whiteShow* times / Trinty / Studio
Thurs. May 30 - 9 pm
Fri. May 31 -  8 pm
Sat. June 1 -  4 pm and 8 pm
Mon. June 3 -  8 pm
Wed. June 5 -  8 pm
Thurs. June 6 -  7 pm
Sat. June 8 - 2 pm and 6 pm

*Not wheelchair accessible


6 ten-minute plays in one show (akin to seeing site specific plays as you watch shows between the Alumnae Trinity and Studio spaces):

1. Extended Time by Beth Novick / 2. It Takes A Village by Faith De Savigne´ / 3. Three Lotus Flowers by Kay Adshead / 4. The Sum of Your Experience by Trace Crawford / 5. Catch A Falling Knife by John A.D. Fraser / 6. Wine Night by Rhiannon Ciara Houch




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extended time by beth novick

ITO_BIRD_WHITE small_.jpg


Detentions can derail or they can disarm. A poignant drama.  


Director: Radoslav Ognjenovic

Featuring: Sophie van Bastelaer, Max Joh-Carnella

it takes a village by faith de savigne



Tough love or misplaced benevolence. You decide.

ITO_BIRD_WHITE small_.jpg

Director: Bruce Williamson

Featuring: Alison Collins-Mrakas, Adrian G. Grigoras, Connie Guccione, Joseph Thomas, Salma Dharsee

three lotus flowers by kay adshead

ITO_BIRD_WHITE small_.jpg


Based on accounts of forced late term abortions carried out by authorities, this is a piercing and disturbing monologue.


Director and Performer: Sundance Nagrial

the sum of your experience by trace crawford


Your money or your life? You can't get away with both. All of us are, after all, the sum of our experiences. Think the ‘Twilight Zone’.

ITO_BIRD_WHITE small_.jpg

Director: Sharon Kirby

Featuring: Robert Wilson, Radissen Ramoutar

Rehearsal Stage Manager: Grace Faria

catch a falling knife by john a. d. fraser

Do you like your plays filled with intrigue? All good plays are mystery plays.

ITO_BIRD_WHITE small_.jpg

Director: Daniel Austin-Boyd

Featuring: Alex Stamp, Izzi Nagel

wine night by rhiannon ciara houch

A play that will get you thinking about today’s ‘Call-out Cutlure’.

ITO_BIRD_WHITE small_.jpg

Director: Jeffrey Kennes

Featuring: Natasha Fiorino, Emily Schooley, Sam Mercury, Max Cameron Fearon, Maxx Finklestein