The White Show


transfixing; her view of the world


transfixing; her view of the world

whiteShow* times / Trinty / Studio
Thurs. June 7 -  9 pm
Fri. June 8 -  8 pm
Sat. June 9 -  4 pm and 8 pm
Tues. June 12 -  8 pm
Wed. June 13 -  9 pm
Thurs. June 14 -  7 pm
Sat. June 16 - 2 pm and 6 pm

*Not wheelchair accessible


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6 ten-minute plays in one show:

Yes vs. No by James Pfrehm

Abigail Has An Elaborate Quarter-Life Crisis by Alex Dremann

Mountaineer by Ken Weitzman

The Equation by Ruth Cantrell

Fragile Filigree Love by Georgette Kelly

One Night Fran by Adam Szudrich



Yes v. no: a modern-day love story by James Pfrehm

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Would you marry a cheater? How about your first cousin? They say love is “blind”—but just how far would You take this saying?  


Director: Adam Bonney

Featuring: Jason Pilgrim, Fallon Bowman

Abigail has an elaborate quarter-life crisis by alex dremann



Abigail goes on an epic lightning-fast meta journey to find some meaning in her life with the help of her friend Jenny. 

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Director: Alex Stamp

Featuring: Ross Egan, Rosalyn Cosgrove, Jennifer Busuttil, Rebekah Reuben

mountaineer by Ken Weitzman

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Extreme mountaineering, sisters, and a rather unconventional eulogy.


Director: Ziad El Khachab

Featuring: Karen Scobie

the equation by ruth cantrell


Abby and Dave dress for a dinner party when a slight miscalculation has dire consequences for their marriage. The steady rise of tension keeps the drama front-and-centre.

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Director: Sama Kokabi

Featuring: Li Black, James Gagné

Fragile Filigree Love byGeorgette Kelly

A grandmother and granddaughter who have never met grapple with dreams, jealousy, and what it means to live in the future.

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Director: Melissa (Max) Fearon

Featuring: Marium Raja, Roxhanne Norman

one night fran by Adam Szudrich

Three women recount their dates with Fran simultaneously in rat-a-tat barrage of lust, self-doubt and questionable dance moves. A comedy about seeing the same things through very different eyes.

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Director: Sebastian Biasucci

Featuring: Natalie Morgan, Leigh Truant, Katherine Cappellacci